extra chainsawsuit - the potato salad strip
I talked myself out of running this strip on the site today. I took a stance in the comic, even though I fully recognize there are many stances one can take on the subject. I still think it's important to consider it, that's much more of my intended message than the one the comic gives: I'm not good at accepting "ha ha, it's funny if you just turn your brain off, don't think too much about it." I want to think about things more. If a thing can only be funny if you disable the part of you that tells you it's not funny, then it may actually not be funny. Anyway, here's my original post: --- we talk about this on the podcast with a positive spin, and i want to be thoughtful about it -- once upon a time, i used to think the game guitar hero was a waste of time. why not actually learn to play guitar? but once you make that argument, you can then say "why learn guitar when the lawn needs mowing? use the time to learn a trade or become an accountant" and now you're telling people how and when to have fun. likewise, you can't spend every disposable cent on someone's surgery -- you're not obligated to, nor should you be. nor is the guy doing this kickstarter -- which i'm sure he could never have predicted -- obligated to spend a chunk of the money on "something" "worthwhile," because no one gets to define for someone else what that is. but by the same token... it was worthwhile to me to give you a little reason to think about this. the comic is super one-sided; it's not a solution. i'm not good at "just turn your brain off and laugh, it's funny, don't analyze it." i think everything deserves analysis, whatever it may lead to.
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