TOOL v2.6.2: 8-30-22 Update






Pre-emptive update for the Copperdale world coming with the High School pack. You can update immediately and you'll be fine when the pack drops.

2.6.2 UPDATE:

  • Fixed an issue preventing the "play scenario" dialog from loading correctly.

2.6.1 UPDATE:

  • Added necessary info for the new Copperdale world.
    If your world map is blank, it's probably because you haven't updated TOOL.


  • TOOL now tells players when their script mods aren't turned on.
  • Added compatibility for the Moonwood Mill world that came with Werewolves.


  • TOOL will now notify you in-game when an update is available. This should help reduce the amount of people clinging to year old versions of TOOL.
  • Due to a game bug introduced by EA several patches ago, off-lot objects were disappearing any time players loaded an apartment/dorm style lot. I've implemented a workaround for this.
  • Reduced the radius for closing the grouping box, as TOOL users are usually working in a smaller space than Create-A-World testers. This means you'll be able to click closer to the original point before it will snap close.


  • The grouping box now supports any polygonal shape.
  • The grouping box visualizer follows terrain
  • The grouping box can now select multiple levels.

====Original Post====
Want TOOL in build mode? Grab Better BuildBuy as well!Β Β 

TOOL v2.3 brings a new feature called Rotate Around Center. It's a toggle in the rotate dialog that lets you choose whether group rotation will rotate all objects around their own axis, or around the group's center.

This video demonstrates the difference.

Many players requested this, as it'll allow them to rotate TOOL-only builds after they've finished, instead of having to plan which rotation they want to begin with. I hope everyone enjoys.

  • Rotation Around Center added to Rotate Dialog
  • Added an improved rotation indicator. The circle is now a gradient.
    Dim = 0. Bright = 360.
    Positive rotation amounts will always move dim -> bright.

TOOL Build Mode Quick-Start

  • Better BuildBuy must also be installed.
  • The usage is the same as regular TOOL, except you will automatically be placed in TOOL mode any time the TOOL dialog is open.
  • Toggle TOOL in build mode by pressing Shift+T
  • In addition, shift+clicking surfaces will automatically place a group box marker. This can be used in combination with the Toggle Group button to highlight many objects at once.
  • When the TOOL extension is open, ctrl+z and ctrl+y will handle the TOOL undo/redo instead of the buildbuy undo/redo. Β Buildbuy undo still works when TOOL is closed.
  • If you're new to TOOL entirely, refer to my original tutorial.

TOOL Live Mode Quick-Start

  • No other mods are required.
  • Need to enter testingcheats true or you can optionally force it always on using my AlwaysTesting mod.
  • Shift+click objects for TOOL menu
  • Shift+click surfaces for TOOL options menus.
  • If you're new to TOOL entirely, refer to my original tutorial.

Install Instructions

1. Delete any existing copies you have for TOOL.

2. DONT use any zip extract options. Instead, OPEN the "TwistedMexi's TOOL v2.6 Official" zip by clicking it and drag the "Tmex-TOOL" folder Β inside to your mods root. That's it! Do NOT restructure or modify the files in any way.

3. Make sure πŸ‘‰ScriptπŸ‘ˆ Mods are enabled in gameplay options -> "Other". Restart if it wasn't.

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