Public: #30DaysofGoddess July Practice

Jun 25, 2022

I awaken to joy.
I awaken to peace.
I awaken to magic.
I awaken to the sacred
in my life right now.

Welcome to #30DaysofGoddess for July! This month we explore orienting our lives by joy, simple practices, and keeping our promises. A 26 minute video is above, explaining the resources and options for this month.

NOTE: the first 12 minutes of the video are a basic intro to #30DaysofGoddess and the support materials. If you already know all of those things, feel free to skip ahead to minute 12, which is when I start talking about the theme of the month and about orienting our lives by joy. 

Attached below you will also find our usual fresh start resources that will get you going with a #30DaysofGoddess practice, right here, right now. No need to go backwards or catch up. I promise!

You will also find a sampler pack of new prayercards and resources for July. Members of the Goddess Magic community on Patreon have access to further additional cards and resources in the patron-only companion post here.

And, I'm attaching our new "Prayers You Can Hold in Your Hand" booklet below! I'm really excited about this. (If you need a refresher about how to use these prayers, check out the last part of June's video.) This file is meant to be printed out double-sided ("long edge" or "side flip" so pages are right side up) and then cut in half and the halves stacked up like a sandwich. The page order only matters for a few of the pages and the center page--you will have to do some rearranging after cutting to put them in the right order. There is a brief explanatory video about this here.

Things to consider this month:

  • How might you orient your life by joy?
  • What practice might you let go of, what practice might you return to?
  • Are you keeping it simple?
  • How is your balance of novelty and familiarity?
  • How is self-trust showing up for you? Might it be liberating to consider the idea that trust is not required?

Resources referenced:

#30DaysofGoddess is a unique, multi-layered experience, the heart of  which is creating daily practices that nurture, support, nourish, and  sustain you on a goddess-centered path. Something I continue to emphasize is that there is no behind and there is no right way. Daily practice is infinitely flexible as well as infinitely personal,  variable, and powerful. My purpose is to gather together all the tools,  resources, and offerings that I can to help encourage you on your path.  #30DaysofGoddess is intended to be readily able to fold into your existing practices, spirituality, as well as being compatible with the other teachers/resources that you enjoy.

#30DaysofGoddess helps build and nurture a  personal, living experience of thealogy and the sacred that permeates the day. It opens the eyes,  settles the spirit, nourishes the heart, and helps us return to trust over and over again. It offers a holding container for sacred experiencing, a sacred space for listening, and reminds us of how we are  connected to the pulse of the sacred in each  day. It helps create space for ourselves in our very own  lives and reminds us that the Goddess is a near to us as  breath, as heartbeat, as song. From this daily practice flows an  awareness, a sync up, an attuning, and a faith in the threads of the  holy that wind their way through all aspects of our lives. The prayerbook itself is much more than a journal, it is a temple on paper, a chamber  of discovery, a treasure trove of wisdom and insight, a compilation of  magic as it breathes its way through your world.

I really find that there’s something extra powerful both about having the container/the dedicated space AND having it be time-linked (only 30 days at a time) that makes this process special. This way, there is room to change and adjust and recommit and keep it fresh—no shame, no blame.

Something I try to emphasize is that this practice is not about creating something rigid. It is not about creating a formula, or a checklist of to-do's and things that you have to do. In fact, it's a creative process of turning away from rigidity and a returning to experience. All #30DaysofGoddess attempts to offer is a space to hold experiences, a container to hold you, a blessing basket for the sacred, not a list of things that you have to do.

Additional resources:

Please remember: this practice does have its own website/resource hub and dedicated mailing list and in it in that newsletter that you will find a Daily Practice Starter Kit I've created which includes printable decks of both rituals and prayers.

In the temple of the ordinary
we stand.
This is where we take root.
This is where we flower.
This is where we thrive.

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