Thrusting in and out, your cock is using me, abusing me. You are so strong the way you pump that cock in and out of me, fucking my insides nice and deep. I know you don’t love me, that this is just a fuck but I love how you grab my body in your hands, how you squeeze my ass, how you look into my eyes with lust and passion. I love how sometimes you even lose control of yourself and kiss me, your mouth on my lips, my neck, my chest. You’re the kind of guy I crave when you’re not around. I find myself thinking about the way you feel inside of me. I think about your cock fucking me, the way it makes my whole body vibrate. Just like you’re making me cum now, over and over like it’s easy, like it’s nothing to you. I wonder if I’m nothing to you, if I’m just another girl in a long line of girls you fuck. I’ve never asked you. I don’t really want to know. I just never want you to stop fucking me.
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