"The stars twinkled in the sky above. Soft wisps of white clouds slowly drifted across the surface of the sky, obscuring a few stars here and there, their edges bathed silver in the moons glow.

The sight was accompanied by the soft twittering of nocturnal birds nearby, and the hoot of owls from a distance.

All manner of creatures called the night ‘home’. They swam and slithered, crawled and climbed, walked and scampered through the underbrush in search of nourishment, companionship, and family.


Daring Do didn’t have any family now. She had tried to make a family out of those around her, her friends. Caffeine Kick, Swiftcall… Cloud Zapper.

So many had passed through her life and touched upon her heart, that she felt the ache of their absence now. Reaching up her hoof, she slowly traced the constellations in the sky; first Canis Major, then Canis Minor. Her musings were interrupted by a colony of bats that flew above, passing between her, the moon, and the stars. She followed their path with her eyes, lowering her hoof as she listened to their sonar calls that sang out into the night.

Daring Do sighed to herself and rolled over, turning her attention away from the skies above. The earth below was cold enough and the air frigid enough that she shivered and considered pitching up her tent… but it was an early start tomorrow, and she didn’t want to have to waste time putting it away again in the morning.

Daring Do was in a forest, north of the Canterlot mountains, and far away from anything life threatening, or trying to take over Equestria. The world could do without her for a week. She needed the solitude. In an effort to get her mind off things, she’d taken a boring job that involved a little trekking and excavation in a particular region of little interest. It was only a three-day trek and then a little temple excavation, and likely wouldn’t be very exciting; but after what had happened recently, Daring Do could use a little ‘boring’ for a while."