A Masterclass in Minimalism & Songwriting
I've pulled the trigger on some rather large lifestyle changes. Without divulging too many details (ones not yet ready to be revealed) I can say that KonMari and minimalism have been heavy on my mind. Minimalist living has always interested me and I'm really looking forward to getting hip-deep in re-homing the things I no longer need. First step of that today, was making a stop to Half Price books. Did you know Half Price books has no chairs?! I'm sure it's because they want people milling about picking out *new* books to buy. But not me, not today! I'm perfectly happy with my small box of books at home. Anyways, I know some of you will particularly enjoy this lecture I watched while culling through ALL my books this morning. Here's to pairing down our life (and songs) to leave room for the stuff that really matters!