Hey folks! For those of you curious about my first novel, it's called "Tintian and the King's Claw". I'll post up some samples in the coming weeks, but for now, take a gander at some awesome old school back cover copy...

Adventures on asteroids! Mysteries on Mars! All in a day's work for
the plucky Leigh Tintian and her faithful robotic sidekick, SN0-EE.
After evading a clever trap set by Earthgov army deserters, Tintian's
ready to head home to New Charleroi Space Station for a little R&R.
But she can't help investigate when too many random clues point to a
single nefarious source. Someone on the space freighter Shikahogh is up
to no good.

Soon Tintian is on the run from the Shikahogh's
mutinous crew, taking the befuddled captain with her. Before they can
figure out how kidnapping, counterfeiting, and attempted murder fit
together, they'll have to dodge lasers and not crash land on the moon.

 Shikahogh's trajectory will take them to Mars, where revolution hangs
thick as red dust in the air. And when they discover just what the
murderous crew is up to, the stakes will skyrocket. Has Tintian finally
gotten in over her head?

Inspired by Hergé's beloved Tintin stories, Tintian and the King's Claw is Tintin like you've never read it before!