We're not out of the woods yet... the witch follows the hunters and now we've become the hunted.

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Thank you for your support, you're supporting me and that makes you a lover of art, you'll get access to the patreon-only feed, where the community talks about stuff.
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Hugeeeee!, thank you very much, this is important for me because it makes me keep going, you'll get the same thing from above and more, here i'll give random stuff and random pictures from me. And add You on Facebook and follow you on instagram. Its a limit for the first 100 Patreon that pledge 5$ and above 5$.
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I thank you for this,With this you get all things above (limit still 100 for facebook and instagram for the first patreons that pledge above 5$) it makes me happy that there are people that support art in that way, i'll make a sketch of you for this and you'll get to be on google hangout with me.You'll have tutorials and breakdowns of some awesome stuff i'm making and some surprises, wanna come?
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Thank you so much for this.Here you'll get all of the above and you'll have acess to all my backstage photoshoots and videos. And i'll make stories that i'll create, sketches to post on youtube... videos that'll be fiction, horror, comedy, or whatever you choose, you can be the character or create a character for me, tell me the way you want and i'll do it. i'll be narrating the story. <3

Oh and some selfies and afterparties too, and live feed for whoever wants to see some paaaaarttyy! :>
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This one is hugeee, and thank youuu for your support, this will be a 10 people only,but here you'll get to choose a draw or comic for me to make, you can write me the lines and i'll make it happen. we'll have chats, send you weird stuff, thank you personally, via email or phone, and if you're in my area i'll meet you in person. Plus - i'll give you shoutouts on my page and instagram and also will teach you ways to get more activity on your feed, whether you want followers or likes on your page or instagram...Well...I'll be your advisor :P
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OMG, how can someone support me like this? Hugeee Thanks  if you're doing this! i'll make all things above and make a draw specially for you signed by me and you'll have my support if you want a shoutout or anything alike and we'll chat through. I'll buy a cosplay so you can make a photoshoot with me if you're in my area, or if you want, you can do a photoshoot alone no problem :). Skype and Plus you'll get to choose 3 things for free on my store per month. (Store will soon be out)
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This is the Trinity Pack, why pack? because you're gonna be a part of my pack, we'll chat, change numbers, go to places and even play video games if you're into, plus all the things above. You'll get free stuff from the store (you won't pay anything) and random prizes. Get #Thuglife with me? or should i say... Pack life?
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