If your going to do it ....Do it for real go all in, It really dose not take much, just a hour out of your day Two(Sat. or Sun). in each month.......Pick a date in the middle of the month to do your shopping this way you would have collected a nice amount of coupons to see a bigger saving

here are some websites for printable coupons









just some to get you started, If you print an buy the papers you will see your savings add up.Also sign up for the digital coupons from stores like www.krogers.com & www.DGdigitalCoupons.com

Also Dollar Tree takes coupons.

For my familys who get EBT(food Stamps) you of all people should use the coupons to get a bigger savings. Now understand if you do get EBT(Food Stamps) you don't pay taxes on your food but you will pay a very small tax on your coupon but it's still worth use them.....My bill was $264.00 I paid $.05 in taxes......So it's worth it

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