Day 2 Was informed that my 3 Youtube channels were suspended due to spam mainly using an automated system I assume for fake views. Now since I know that I didn't due this I am beyond confused as to why my account was even suspended in the first place. Contacted google & kept getting the message that my google account is now working. Repeated copy & paste message despite telling them it is youtube & not google I am having issues with. Called them even & was told to send a support request using the same google system that seems to ignore my youtube questions for help but instead just gives me the same generic message over & over again. I believe the issue may be due to my google pages I had connected to my youtube channels. Recently I noticed the pages were down yesterday along with my channels. I was able to get my pages verified by getting a text code from google. However my connected youtube accounts never were fixed. Since I never spammed, used an automated system or violated any sort of policy I know that my youtube accounts were suspended not from anything that I did. I am hoping somehow I can find and get ahold of the right person who can help me on this issue. Im hoping & praying that I will get my 3 youtube accounts back up & running. It seems as though the videos are still there & everything just my account isn't granting me access for whatever reason. Ill keep you all updated & will continue to post more content as well on here. I can upload shorter vids on here as well.