Summary For May 2022

Jul 24, 2022

This is a list of content I posted in May 2022.

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Test Data Editor

I created a Test Data Generator and Editor as a hobby project, and it works pretty well. I was thinking about 'productizing' it so I spent a bunch of time refactoring it to make it viable.

Patreon Posts For May 2022

I did quite a lot of refactoring on the Data Grid Editor and I'm much happier with the structure of the code, so I added docs.

As I split my test data generator code into modules I'm starting to see how interconnected it all is.

One of the 'interesting' things about creating demo projects to explore concepts is that you are often demonstrating 'wrong' concepts.

I'm working through my Data Grid Editor code to find injection points for tests.Some of the code is 'easy', it is pure Javascript. Others...

I was doing some work on my Grid Editor and am using it to learn more modern JavaScript.

I was doing a little work on my websites to tidy them up and I wanted to add a table of contents to my Automating APIs support page.

I'm interested in exploring the concept of Build vs Buy a bit more,

It doesn't really matter what I'm testing, I like to find tools that help me avoid simple issues... like validators, and ...

Just to relax I thought I'd start working on a small vector graphics game in JavaScript and that I'd use Phaser. it rea

If I was to create new online commercial courses now, where would I host them?...

Periodically revisit your definitions to learn what you think.

One of the things I think is really important is the notion of API first.

I came across a tool called BigVu today and thought it would be worth an experiment. It didn't work out.

So one question that gets asked around testing as well. When do we stop? Answered in this micro podcast.

The collective responsibility post processed through description with a description of tool analysis.

I decided to use the mechanism that I outlined in my last post to download the information and audio content I created.

I was looking for an alternative to Racket when it went iOS only. A few weeks ago I stumbled across Swell so I gave it a shot.

For the last few weeks I allowed myself to be overwhelmed with tactical work, this is what I did to fix the situation.

I hope someone tested this and raised this problem

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