6K for Water with World Vision! Lets do it - TOGETHER!
Hey Lead Stories Peeps!!

What with being dispersed around the WORLD and everything its hard to think of things we could do together and invite the wider Lead Stories world to get involved with. UNTIL NOW.

So we've been talking with some friends at World Vision about their Global 6Kfor Water event on MAY 6th 2017. 6k is the average distance people in the 'developing world' walk for water - water that can often be contaminated.  And so this event seeks to raise funds for the ongoing water initiatives that World Vision undertake around the world

There's 6k events popping up all over the place - you can even host one with your friends and family. You can attend a bigger event or map out your own course. You can run the event, you can walk it..

So Steph and me and our wider families are going to do it and we'd love for you to "join" us from wherever you are! Lets be intentional with our influence, let's serve those in need around the world,  lets sign up for this thing together - and LETS DO THIS!

Head to the website - and sign up ( Go on, you know you want to!)


 Much love J

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