7 Actors Who Would Have Been Perfect as Light Yagami in a North American version of “Death Note” (Article, Op-Ed Feature, Fancast, Moviepilot’s Creators)

Finally back to writing for moviepilot's creators after almost two months of nothing because of December's relapse! I feel a bit better today so I went back to work. A tad slower in pace than usual, but it should get better in several weeks. This was a difficult piece to write only because it just had to be soo long; I cycled through three different topics before settling on fancasting Light Yagami from Death Note (something I've been doing mentally behind-the-scenes since they announced Nat Wolff would be Light #crap), which was apparently the right choice because the views on this article are quickly mounting like you have no idea even as I speak. 

Obviously like many, many others, I'm not the biggest fan of Adam Wingard casting Nat Wolff to play Light, for obvious reasons (which I detailed on below in the article); it's been a massive pet peeve of mine, Hollywood seemingly not being aware that they're already screwing beloved TV shows, especially after the mess that was Dragonball Evolution. So here are my picks for a good Light Yagami. If you agree, you disagree, let me know in the comments, and if you have other actors in mind, be my guest and mention them below.