7 days left to receive your free thank you gift: A 30 Minute Dream Energy Session

As a thank you gift to all my patrons, I've been offering a free 30 minute dream energy session in the month of January (usually $100/hour to the general public).  It's been SO fun to connect with my patrons during these sessions. See what it is! Schedule your phone session today!  Lot of love, Emily


What to expect from your FREE 30 Minute Dream Energy Session: 

  • Feelings of peace, awareness, and grounding in support of your dreams
  • Feelings of abundance and limitless possibilities
  • Increased flow of energy
  • Images or visual impressions
  • Releasing blocks and barriers where you feel "stuck" in living your dream with the surfacing of emotions, feelings, thoughts, and memories
  • Increased purpose or understanding for your life journey
  • Replacement identification (example: replacing fear with love)
  • Identifying changes desired in relationships, career and life choices

“I have been receiving energetic sessions from Emily for over 7 years. She is one of the most trusted, perceptive, and wise energetic intuitives that I have ever worked with before. During each session, Emily taps into my highest and wisest self and shows her to me. She never pushes her own beliefs upon your session, but expertly guides you to the decisions and answers that your own soul knows are right and true for you at that time. She has constantly helped me access greater clarity, peace, and my highest realms of inner power and wisdom. I have recommended her to family and friends alike who have had similar and profound experiences while in her sessions. Do not hesitate to work with Emily in any capacity. If you are feeling called, you will be so glad that you did.” - D'Arcy Benincosa

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