7 Days To Die Live-Stream & Info about VC Content
Hi Everyone,

I just returned from being in "Salzburg" for a few days with my GF. (She wanted it for whatever reason and I wanted to make her happy ^^)

I realize I have not yet finished the monthly video montage for the last month. This month was crazy. Goat was sitting inside the same old sector having nothing to fight the entire month because we did not want to spend coins and be forced to do so at gunpoint. So we stayed out of it. Some still got the coin offer but that was unavoidable I guess for some people. Anways.... I did not get the chance to record a lot of video footage. I found one though that I will make the video montage of. From a Civil War from 2-3 weeks ago. Pretty awesome because it will fit to the "#NoCoin APril" topic as I did not need to spend any coins in. I might also include a Patron Only fitting for the respective category for the fleet I was using that allwed me to get massive points without any coins spent. 

Other than that monthly video montage there will also be more battle videos coming. Once we start having a few more of these ^^

But today also I want to entertain you guys with a bit of 7 Days To Die. This is becoming growingly popular among the viewers and I like that a lot. The Stream is coming up in a few hours:

7 Days To Die Live-Stream Today! We have a Prison To Protect! https://youtu.be/57OSrdgoYoA

Furthermore. I also want to stream Beyond Dark again. I am spending a lot of time in making my empire more and more strong and it's a lot of fun, too. And Dreadnought was also so much fun last time that I want to repeat that as well. So those would be the planned streams for this week. Unfortunately we have not anymore reached the milestone goal with 3 streams per week. So I might have to decide between 2 of those 3. I also have a few real life things to attend to as well :-)

In any case. I hope I'll see you in the upcoming live-stream.


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