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7) The four children
The pain and grief of the first storm had torn the soul of 'Nomos' into six pieces, each holding a fraction of the power of the sky. Those six fragments were the six elements belonging to the gods, Earth, Fire, Lightning, Water, Wind and Ice. Metal would later become the seventh, but that's another story.

Batu and Besar gathered the pieces of their son's soul, and brought them into their slumber, keeping them for the day when 'Nomos' would return. Batu took Earth, Fire and Lightning, while Besar took Water, Wind and Ice.

But as time passed, and 'Nomos' remained at the end of the world, the elements grew restless without their master. Earth and Water fit within the bodies of Batu and Besar, but Fire, Lightning, Wind and Ice could not so easily be absorbed. Strange lights flickered under the ground, and freezing gales blew across the seas.

Batu and Besar realized they could not hold these elements within themselves any longer. Rather than a single child like their first son, one with the power to destroy the world, they would have four children, each one bearing the power of a single element.

The first and second were twin sons, who were named Alvareth and Vraideth. When they were born, they saw tall mountains, heard animal calls, smelled fresh flowers, and felt soft sand.

The beauty of the world filled Alvareth with wonder, and his heart began to race, beating louder and faster until his face was red and his whole body was hot. He vowed that he would love and treasure the world for all time. Within Alvareth's heart, Fire found a passion that burned hot enough to sustain it.

The strangeness of the world filled Vraideth with unease, and his stomach fluttered once, then was still. He knew that if the world needed him, he would gladly set his own feelings aside. Within Vraideth's stomach, Ice found a will that stood strong enough to support it.

The third was a daughter, who was named Jazanae. When she was born, she saw the dark night, heard rustling grass, smelled a coming storm, and felt pressure in the air. The mysteries of the darkness filled her with curiosity, and her brain worked endlessly and kept her awake all night. She wished that she could keep exploring until she had learned all the world had to offer. Within Jazanae's brain, Lightning found a mind that shone bright enough to empower it.

The fourth was a daughter, who was named Tormura. When she was born, she saw the open sky, heard running footsteps, smelled clouds of dust, and felt cold water. The miracle of being alive filled her with joy, and her lungs eagerly gulped down the breath of life. She believed that she was born for a purpose, one that she would find and see through no matter what. Within Tormura's lungs, Wind found a hope that flowed free enough to nourish it.

One by one, the four children stepped out into the world.