Engineering put together a team to go to West Virginia to visit marble factories and see if glass marbleheads were feasible. They returned with bad news, good news and bad news. First they found marble-making to be a rather ‘primitive’ industry with ancient, simple (but reliable) machinery, not particularly suited to the kind of quality control we would require. They also described the plants as hot and ‘hellatious’; infernos with the heat and fumes of molten glass. Not so good. But then they reported that they had met one marble-making company that was updating and creating a brand-new, state-of-the-art, computer-controlled marble machine and factory - and they were interested and enthusiastic about our project. Back to good news. The bad news: they were moving their current plant from West Virginia to the State of Washington, where they would be assembling all their new equipment. Moving was going to take them three months. Three months. I should have shot myself then.