7 New Upcoming Worlds Added
Hi all, 

We just added seven new worlds to our roster of upcoming releases. (And there are more coming that are still in the outlining stage — these ones are further along in the process.) 

They're up on the front page of this Patreon now, but I'll repeat them here for your convenience. Exciting times ahead in 2017!

Til Dawn (by Kira Magrann): In the year 2121, nestled amidst the lush mountainous forests of Falling Water is the most progressive DJ competition on the planet: Til Dawn. This idyllic landscape where glass and fiberplastics glint white and weave throughout waterfalls and thick old trees is the perfect locale for creating phenomenal musical experiences. Famous DJ Squads come to compete for the title of the Planet’s Next DJ Superstars. To create their sounds and effects DJs wear Shells: cybernetically enhanced bodies that they can switch out and customize to create fully integrated multi-sensual experiences. Til Dawn is of course broadcast live for the most ultimate real drama possible. Competitors not only have to excel at increasingly difficult music challenges, but also juggle relationships, the public perception of their personas, and sabotage from other DJ Squads. Can players work with their DJ Squad to come out on top and win the prestigious planetary title, or will they be crushed by the drama?

Straw Boss (By JR Evans): We will tell stories of sacrifice and corruption, our own as well as the world around us. We will play members of a cult that has preserved the teachings of John Dee and expanded them. Teachings where magic, religion and science all bleed together. Each of us will enter into a pact with a Familiar. We aren’t sure if the Familiar is a demon or an angle or something in-between. Sometimes we will use our Familiars. Sometimes they will use us. The power they bring will be necessary to shore up the crumbling sands of reality where myths, both new and ancient, seek to enter our world. When people believe hard enough in something it can start to crystallize into something more, first in our minds and then in the shadows around us. We seek out the things in these shadows. We are sent to recruit them or destroy them. 

Grimoire (By Lore Graham): Daemon summoning is banned in Ganseldom by religious and civil authorities alike, but that’s never stopped ambitious nobles and warlocks. As supernatural beings outside the constraints of human morality, daemons are invaluable minions when there are battles to win, secrets to steal, and coups to enact. With the recent invention of the printing press and increased literacy rates, grimoires containing the rites for daemon summoning are more common than ever. Now you too can join the ranks of warlocks, discretely selling your services to those rich - or foolhardy - enough to contract daemon summoners. But beware, as daemons’ capricious cleverness may lead their masters to downfall rather than glory.

Clockwinders (By Jahmal Brown): Clockwinders repair and reset the geo-arcane mechanics on Cadvini, or they did ages ago. The role is ceremonial these days on the tidally locked, clock-work world of Cadvini. One side is bathed in perpetual sun-fire the other in darkness and storms. Scattered across a temperate, habitable zone are pockets of civilization. They say it wasn’t always this way but for the arrogance of wizards. Perhaps, wizards are to blame still today. There are glaciers floating in from the dark side of the Frost sea destroying coastal towns.  The academy at the Dawn Palace that borders on the ‘day side’ is smoldering. The stone glyph walls are melting. It is up to the Clockwinders to discover what’s amiss and set it right. They will travel across wondrous Cadvini to repair the nine clock-work cores...uh, once they re-discover where the cores are located and how to reset the clock-work devices, oh! and avoid the traps and hazards that protect the clock-work cores. Go Clockwinders!

So the Story Goes (By Don Bisdorf): Generations ago, civil war shattered your homeland. Spears, fire, and blood erased any memories of prosperity and enlightenment. Although the land has healed, its people still struggle to understand themselves and the world they’ve inherited. As traveling storytellers, you and your companions walk the old roads, trying to recover the lost wisdom of your ancestors and reunite your society with your stories and songs.

Prism (By Tara Zuber): A very small percentage of the population can travel through dreams and memories and harvest colors that are either impossible or too precise to exist. Once in our world, the colors resemble their closest analog, but the emotions and memories that conjured them still linger. It is impossible to see a painting using rhoz and not immediately recall your first love. Glasses made in these dream colors alter the world their wearers see and reveal overlaying realities. Worlds of magic, danger, abandoned cities, and alternative futures. The Lucid, those who know the secret of the dream colors, disagree over the role of these alternative realities. Some plunder the alternatives for their own profit, while others protect the thin panes of realities, keeping humans from the monsters and vice versa. Some have seized the opportunity to perfect their craft, whether that is painting or espionage. And others advocate that the colors should be shared so everyone has the same advantage. Others only care about exploring dreams and finding new colors. Join the Lucid and choose your side.

Iron Street Combat (By James Mendez Hodes): Five minutes into our past, shadow governments, crime syndicates, evil corporations, and creepy cults pour incalculable resources into hiring some lady with muscles to punch their enemies until they take can over the world. That lady is you. Iron Street Combat brings you the international backdrops, larger-than-life characters, and dynastic intrigue of Street Fighter, Tekken, and Mortal Kombat without making you memorize button combinations (or complex combat mechanics). You’ll create a stable of characters with interconnected backstories and distinctive fighting styles, as well as powerful but entangled factions for them to join or oppose—or else go up against the devil-helmed Avīci Conglomerate, the mysterious Iga Ninja, or the legendary Wǔdāng Clan. With nothing but your fists and your hunger for victory between you and the wrath of wicked dictators, ancient war gods, or invaders from another dimension, you’ll create a battle fit for an unskippable cutscene.

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