7 Ways to Maximize Misery

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Adblock Absolution
$1 or more per Video 4613 patrons
Feeling guilty for blocking YouTube ads and denying CGP Grey the revenue he's earned with blood, sweat and tears?  Well guilt no more, by indulging in adblock absolution you are hereby relieved of all feeling of guilt.  You are once again helping to encourage the creation of videos you like.
Includes Discord rewards
Script Drafts
$3 or more per Video 738 patrons
Post-video access to earlier drafts of the script with handwritten changes.  See how the writing process… processes each iteration of the script.
Includes Discord rewards
Wallpaper Packs
$5 or more per Video 1804 patrons
All the images from the Lord of the Rings videos have been turned into 4k wallpapers for your computer, tablet or phone.  Also VOTE ANIMAL wallpapers, Star Trek Transporter wallpapers, logo and more.  You can download them here: https://www.patreon.com/posts/dragon-tyrant-18382041

+All of the above
Includes Discord rewards
Wall of Thanks
$7 or more per Video 500 of 500 patrons
The letters that comprise the label the world gave you, or that you gave yourself, listed on the Wall of Thanks on CGPGrey.com until the end of time or the end of your contribution, whichever comes first.  

+All of the above
Includes Discord rewards
Grammar Nazi Sneak Peak
$15 or more per Video 252 of 500 patrons
There are always typos, but you can help there be less... errr… fewer.

Get to see some of the slides in the next video ahead of time.  Its hard to say when exactly this will be available, but at most a day before and at least a few hours before.

If you'd derive immense satisfaction from spoilers *and* correcting the errors of others, this reward is for you.

(This might be a terrible idea and, obviously, only works if people can keep a secret about the upcoming video)

+All of the above
Includes Discord rewards
Video Sponsors
$50 or more per Video 98 of 100 patrons
Your Name in the Video Description Your name will appear in a list underneath the 'More Info' section on the next supported video.

+All of the above
Includes Discord rewards
Top Chicken
$100 or more per Video 2 patrons
For you the marginal value of additional dollars is near zero.  Congratulations!  Why not celebrate this with a yellow (golden?)  name in the discord chat?
Includes Discord rewards
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