Oh dear, Miss Mouse is having a spot of bother with her new-old typewriter. It's been kindly lent to her after being in storage for a while, and when we'd finished cleaning it (the keys all work beautifully!) a Very Important Screw fell out. Oops. Now we have to figure out where it goes, before Miss Mouse can get to work on her typing! There is a Plan for Miss Mouse's typewriter... ever since she made her birthday book, she's been wanting to do something a little more handmade. Typed pages, contributions from the Woodland Gang, and little bits and bobs tucked between the pages for you. There'd be an online edition, and a printed one, depending on what funds allow. It will have to wait a little while though - partly because I need to fix the typewriter! And partly because I have a calendar, a photo album, and the large Mr Magpie doll all in progress. I'm trying to find a balance between showing you ~something~ and not giving away too many spoilers, and I think I've been a little bit too much on the quiet side. More coming soon, definitely.
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