First Ever PatreCon! (and a new mini painting)
Just when I thought it was safe to unpack... 

PATRECON! At Patreon Headquarters in San Francisco. Okay technically I knew this was coming since early September, but between my illness and stacked back-to-back work/travel adventures, I wasn't entirely sure I could handle it. I mean, I was going to go, of course. You don't turn down invitations like this. I just wasn't sure if I would suddenly drop dead and force Patreon staff to wheel me away quietly during Chris Ryniak's keynote. 

I'm still processing all that I learned, but I am feeling more equipped and ready to tackle this whole thing (meaning my life.) The education (and inspiration) of PatreCon arrived for me at exactly the right moment. 

I was more observant this go around - I've been to Patreon, I'll be at Patreon again. There were artists from all over the world attending! I wanted them to have space and time at this magical place. Besides, I was there to learn and absorb. Ironically, hanging back naturally and seamlessly sparked conversations that I couldn't have orchestrated if I tried. Sometimes life works magnetically and it's best to be content right where you are.  I loved watching creators bartering services, or discovering that they were fans of each other already online. It was warm and special, and I was giddy to be a part of it.

To all the wonderful artists I met through this event ~ I'm so honored to be on this Patreon journey with you. It's only getting more exciting and I can't wait to see how we grow together. See you next year!

To my Patreon family, as always, THANK YOU! You are makin' my world go 'round. Love love love you all.


P.S. The (in process) painting has nothing to do with PatreCon, I just wanted to show you.

P.P.S. The teaser trailer for my show will be up today or tomorrow. Woo! :D