◣ Update ◢ Hey everyone, update time! You'll be happy to know that I've finally started work on a Prepare to Cry that i'm confident in! With the release of the DLC(s) I know we'll get some groundbreaking lore info, so i've chosen a topic that I don't think will be invalidated by information in the DLC(s). The first Prepare to Cry is planned to be about Seath the Scaleless, as well as the influence of his soul on the people of Tseldora. I really want to start Prepare to Cry off on a strong note, and this episode will have a huge cast of great characters. I'm hoping for it to mark a new "season" of Prepare to Cry, with higher production quality and length. This sort of content is made possible by you guys, because I can take the time I need to make something really good. Since i'm doing a lot of research and gameplay gathering around Tseldora, it makes sense to release a 10 Things & Story Mode on this area - so that's what you'll likely see before the release of Prepare to Cry. We also have the first DLC part dropping next week, so expect a lot of coverage on that. Exciting. I'm continuously thankful for your support. The most recent thing you guys have done is give good feedback on the recent Soulsong - I know it wasn't to everyone's tastes, but you all at least appreciated the work put into the content and it's a tribute to the quality of the community I have here. It's really something special to have a tight-knit community here. Feel free to leave a comment below and i'll try to reply!
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