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A wee bit o' Steampunk
What a fun week! We always enjoy dressing up for our annual Halloween special (aka an opportunity to cosplay at the one time of year when everyone thinks it's cool and nobody thinks it's nerdy) and this year is no exception.

Sasha and I went with a Steampunk theme!

I "built" (in the GIMP) a cool Steampunk-inspired virtual set and dragged the green screen over from our Newsroom set, but Wirecast 7.1's chromakey wouldn't work. So at the very last minute (10 minutes before live) Sasha helped me move the green screen off the main set and we decided to use the brick wall as our backdrop... which at least works with the theme.

This week we set in motion our series on how to produce 360 VR video with affordable consumer gear. We're starting with the rig we built for our Episode 471 special. It's going to be a lot of fun teaching all I've learned so far about 360 video... from shooting to stitching, to editing and ultimately exporting. Enjoy the ride!

I launched the new web site this week (v7) and am so excited about all the new features! Have a look around, and enjoy! Feel free to post your ideas, suggestions and desires for the new site in the comments below.

Thanks for your continued support!