71 Balloons - Idrian
Artwork by HollowHeartlessIzsak (Adalia)  
Idrian (c) - HollowHeartlessIzsak (Adalia)

Thank goodness! I am done with this piece!
If you couldn't tell, I went overboard with this one. Ultimately, I'm so proud of this piece that I'll be looking to print this at some point and hang it up on my wall. I'm still debating if I want to create a tutorial for this one due to it probably having a million steps and because of its odd canvas shape. Sorry about that!

A little about him:
I created this guy years ago for an rp site my friend owned. The world itself had a dream-esque quality to where it was always night and it had different moons to bring different amounts of light. Yes, you could get a moon burn in the desert! I have since changed up the world and is similar to Pandora from Avatar in the aspect that there are many efflorescent plants and animals.  This planet is also three times the size of Earth and speckled with infinite amounts of uninhabited islands along with three large continents that hose most of the world's population. Even here, there are many unexplored areas.  

Anyhow, his name was originally Az and I later created a gender bend of him named Azrael. Ultimately, I loved both and decided to make Azrael his twin sister, separated at a very young age. Their mother, when still carrying the twins, became very ill and was going to die, so their father took her to an alter and pleaded to the angels to bless her so that she and his children might live. As you can guess, an angel did answer his call and as a direct result of being blessed, their mother lived and gave birth to two healthy children. However, instead of being human they were changed to hybrids of human and angel which lead to their hair being white along with the ability to fly and use light energy to heal, among other things.

Idrian used to have white, feathery, and butterfly-esque wings but due to his association and eventual love for Serus, a demon that inhabited a young girl's body and devoured her soul, he was corrupted and cursed. The corruption lead to his wings turning into metal and his ability to soar high up into the skies was now limited to levitation. And the curse placed upon him by Serus was to forever search for her in the rather large world they inhabited with countless unexplored territory.

~May Rewards~
Full Resolution + Line Art + Extra Closeup of Idrian