New Tileset: Medieval Village
 Welcome, friend! We don't get many visitors to these parts. It's a dangerous world out there, so take a rest, stay at the inn! Our apple harvest has come in. Sit a spell, and eat your fill before continuing your grand adventure. 

Let's stay a while at the Medieval Village! (Can't insert images anymore, so here are some links!)

Medieval Village tileset preview >> 

Medieval Village destructible buildings preview >> 

Hey everyone! I'm here with a new Star Power tileset, specially requested by Dwapook, who also requested the Pirate Ship tileset a while back.

But first, a little announcement! I've been thinking about it for a while, and I'm ready to announce a small change to the $25 and $50 reward tiers. At the $25 tier, you can now choose to request the theme for an upcoming basic tileset, and at the $50 tier, you can now choose to request the theme for an upcoming Star Power tileset! Since the $50 reward has been used twice this way so far, nothing is really changing, but I wanted to make the option visible and give that option to everyone at those higher tiers.

Now, on to the tileset!

The special request for this tileset was a medieval village with destructible buildings. I set it up so you can make buildings of almost any size, and each piece of the building has two stages of destruction. I'm also really happy with the way the terrain turned out! I drew a really cool rock pattern topped with fresh, lush grass. There are even slope tiles this time! In the future, I'd like to do an expansion of this terrain to include even more features. Maybe expand it into a forest setting?

You can grab this tileset from the download page! It requires 1 Star Key to unlock. There's a 1920x1080 wallpaper included in the zip file, and the Speed Spriting video is coming soon!

Tune in again in a couple days on Halloween for a spooky surprise!

Thanks for your support, and be awesome!