Summary for August 2022

This is a list of content I posted in August 2022.

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Blog Posts For August 2022

Manual QA is dead. Companies are getting rid of their QA teams. What can we do instead?

Patreon Posts For August 2022

Back to the 7charval exercises.

Thinking By Machine was written by Pierre De Latil and published in French in 1953.The first English edition was published in Britain 1956.

One thing I hate are podcast episodes with bad audio. And I just created one.I'm clearly out of practice...

Audio version of the next podcast with transcrip

Next podcast video with transcript and no ads.

These are the notes for my next podcast recording.

Where would Automated Inspection fit into my model

A few more exercises for 7CharVal with a focus on toolng.

This is such a simple app, is there a need for a Cross-browser test session? I find out.

Exercise: Explore non-printable ASCII as input - Non-printable ASCII are values that are hard to type in the keyboard

I added an exercise to create a risk model to act as a coverage model for the testing.

Exercises around risk of extreme data and the browser environment for 7charval.

Notes on Exercise to investigate error handling for malformed page and start using the dev tools.

My notes on the exercise to look at the 7charval GUI from a more technical perspective.

My notes on the investigate GUI interaction exercise for 7charval

I enhanced the faker compatibility for test data generation so it is now possible to parameterise the faker function calls.

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