Oh hi. 

Since a number of you still appear to be inexplicably keeping me eating/sustaining my opium habit with your donations, I thought I'd make a timely update and a thank you.

Exciting times ahead, first and foremost. The new novel is almost finished. Just need to take out a few main characters, iron out some plot points, and rewrite the entire thing. Should be done in no time. In other words, by the end of December, I hope. I intend to send it out for free to kind folk on Patreon like yourself. If you notice the announcement next month and you haven't received it, please politely/meanly get in contact and I'll sort it. 

Moved apartments recently. Took a few weeks to get the net up and running. Do you know what it's like? Can you imagine? I've been reading books for fun. For fun. Occasionally I look out the window a bit or have to face up to my life decisions. Never again. 

The Bridge to Lucy Dunne audiobook is also almost finished. So that's all right. 

A plethora of new videos ahead. Being away from the net tends to sabotage YouTube a bit, so it's lovely to be back. We're going to be talking about alien civilisations, cocaine, and all sorts if the internet stays intact. 

All in all I just wanted to say thank you, as before. Having Patreon there - and those of you who are inexplicably and kindly donating - makes life considerably less stressful. Rather than worrying about rent, living, etc, working is a lot easier without having to freak out about money. So, thank you really. It's still enormously appreciated and I'm absurdly grateful to all of you. 

Currently working my way through the email inbox. If you've written, I'll do my damndest to reply shortly with lewd pictures and abuse. 

Again, a huge thank you and all the best,