i jus want to say a sincere thank you to all of you patrons <3 this has been vERY beneficial for me to get this bit of funding for my videos this summer. because of your support, i've been able to stay home in Maine and create ~1 video/week this summer. i'm establishing a lot of healthy habits, which i can't usually observe when im touring every month for income! (i've been exercising regularly, eating healthier, self-educating on important issues, meditating again, and of course mAKING the videos.) the new videos are very exciting to me, and are starting to constitute a newww wave of steve roggenbuck content i think, it's like a new "era" of my work is gradually arriving. this has been such an important year for me, rethinking and reshaping my work in small and big ways, and your donations are starting to build toward a new financial model that i think is realy ideal. because i have relatively dependable funding from yall, i dont feel quite as pressured to do other gigs for money, unless they're in my heart. and i foresee that feeling of freedom growing even stronger over time as the pledged amount per-video gradually grows. your support is such a great help in my effort to be an artist in the ideal way: focusing on integrity, community, values, and passion, not scrambling to make money based on demand, or doing whats broadly popular jus to pay the bills... thank u so much for this gift <3 i hope your summers r going well !!!! (or winter if youre in the souther hemisphere!)
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