October Progress!
Happy Halloween! Now it's time for the real scare in a few days. :P My birthday is tomorrow, just three days before the election. Tiffany and I turned in our early ballots and paid the property taxes on our house this morning. Yay! I will shamelessly attempt to influence this election by saying we voted for Hillary. Not that there's anything wrong with inviting the apocalypse, it's just that Tiffany and I aren't quite ready for the plague and the death with the killing and the dying and such. We feel like our country isn't quite ready for that direction.

October went well in terms of me getting work done, despite the fact that my mom found a job at a hospital downtown and I've been taking a good bit of time out to drive her to and from work in the interrim until she gets a check or two. Once she's a little more secure, I'm sure she'll either figure out the bus or fix up her car. We couldn't afford to do anything for halloween or to pay Beau to help with marketing this past month, although we did get $4 in new pledges. :) Thankfully, we have some funds to start the marketing work now and I just sent him an email to shore up those details for November. I've also decided to stop drinking coffee because I realized that the diabetic syrup I use to make the coffee palatable has been costing me more than I realized (about $40/mo), so by not drinking the coffee anymore, I can put that money toward the marketing budget.

I just finished up a couple pages of the "Hellbent" story (working title) in which Amity and Delilah discuss slut-shaming and sexist double-standards. I'm pretty happy personally with the way they turned out. I am however a white man, and despite my being autistic, disabled and openly pansexual, I always feel a little odd and slightly anxious when I discuss social justice issues as a member of the ostensibly privileged group. And why exactly are we calling it "social justice"? Redundant much? It's not "social justice", it's just plain JUSTICE. It is by definition a social construct. Because there is no justice amongst the one dude living alone on a desert island on a steady diet of coconut milk... at least we hope it's coconuts.

Here's the breakdown for October.

Income: $62.00 (+$4) (after two declined pledges and the Patreon fee)
Expenses: $15.00
Advertising: $0.00 (we just couldn't manage it in the budget this month)
Shopping Cart: $15.00
Net: $47.00

So what have I accomplished with my 40 hours/week in August?

Comic Pages: 5 (4 updates)
I published the Star Wars comic on the 2nd and then I managed to get two more pages of Amity's story published this month... it's been challenging... I'm really hoping things will speed up now that I have someone to help me with my marketing.

Bonus Content: 2 (5?)
I managed to pubish not ony a bonus panel on the post-apocalypse comic, but aso got an NSFW bonus image done this month... And I also published a caricature of Adam Conover and another of Donald Trump (NSFW) which I published on social media, but offered the high-res version to you guys as a Patron bonus... I dunno what came over me. I wasn't thinking about it really at the time, but maybe it was subconscious. Conover is really a hero of mine, and maybe my subconscious brain said "hey, you drew a hero, now you have to draw a villain!" :B On the plus side, Conover retweeted his caricature. :D

Commissions: 0
Amanda Nebel won this month's raffle and I'm just waiting to hear from her and a couple other people about what they want.

None this month -- busy helping my mom and producing those bonuses

Ad Campaigns:
Also none in October due to budget constraints, but we're on-track to do some this month. :)

Other Promotion: 4
This entails non-paid contacting of bloggers and podcasters about reviews and/or interviews. None this month, again, helping mom and making stuff for you guys.

So that's it for now! You want more laughs, right? So go share those comics! :D

Let the Wookiee Win!
Apocalypse Now?

Stay tuned and stay awesome, Hooligans!