Working on 2 Chapters at the moment, I am thinking about releasing it at the last week of the month or possibly the first week of next month. But hmmm- no promises since I've been sick for almost 2 weeks... I am so thankful that my voice finally came back a couple of days ago.

Before, the discussions with koi and bunny on the editing had been a struggle and pretty.... tough. They could barely hear, the entire time I was either coughing or couldn't be heard. Talking hurts and it feels like a dagger running in my throat.

And they thought that I sounded like either a old man, broken radio or said I could have auditioned for darth vader's voice.  Please-

Well now that I am almost 90% recovered, back to drawing!  

For the next few chapters I think, there'll be more focus with actions.Another thing that I also look forward to, is to further develop those new mysterious hoodie man and introduce them more in the future story to come.

On the other hand the latest Chapter 15, I am pleased with progression.

I love my readers and I love the responses that they give.

I am always excited to read about the commentary and how they felt the intensity, tension, action, feelings for the character and maybe a little bit of the chills. That is what I wanted to do and keep going at it. 

There's a lot of ideas for the next 2 chapters, a lot of pre-developed scenes that I may discard and given enough time I will redraw. We'll see.