Avatar Re-Visited -- A NiM Movie Special

With the Re-release of the 2009 film Avatar back in theaters time travel back to December 2009 when Jason, Stephen and Will had just returne...


Avatar Re-Visited -- A NiM Movie Special

Sep 22, 2022

Tomorrow Avatar is back in theaters for a limited engagement in 3D and I started thinking about all of the 3D films I've seen since Avatar came out in 2009 and you know what? Nothing has held a candle to Avatar, nothing has come even close to the spectacle that was Avatar. There were some fun times to be sure from The Hobbit to the handful of Marvel films, even Mad Max in 3D but nothing has ever come close to that first viewing of Avatar. I thought why not go back and re-visit that night in December 2009 when Stephen, Will and I had just gotten back from the theater and turned on the mics and went live and just gushed our giddy little hearts out about what we had just seen. 

I wasn't about to just put out the same old episode from back in the day, it was a Pre-Christmas episode where we talked a lot about the Holiday Pack that we had just made (You can tell because I'm losing my voice) and I wanted this new episode to just focus on Avatar, so I went in and extracted the Avatar conversation and decided to give it the ol' NiM Movie Mini treatment and added clips from the movie and added 'Making-of' clips not to mention reference clips to other things in pop culture that we mention. 

Put it all together and it's a pretty fun episode that immediately made me miss the camaraderie of talking with Stephen and Will live on the air and just sharing our enthusiasm for something we've just seen. There's nothing like it. You can just feel the energy, we are simply PUMPED to talk about this film and say what you will about Avatar, it went on to become a phenomenon that we had no idea that it would become but it also became a film people loved to despise for some reason that is foreign to me. 

So cut to now and I'm actually excited again to see Avatar in theaters again and get that 3D experience back because it's true you can't really experience Avatar unless it's on the biggest screen you can find and in stunning 3D!

So I know this episode won't be for everyone but I hope someone finds it as entertaining and full of a lovely bit of NiM nostalgia like I do. 

Love, Jason

With the Re-release of the 2009 film Avatar back in theaters time travel back to December 2009 when Jason, Stephen and Will had just returned from the theater after seeing Avatar for the very first time -- listen to their giddy excitement as they've just seen a 3D showing they had never experienced before or since. The original audio has been remastered with new clips added!

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