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Boom! Welcome to the Epic Levels Patreon.

Epic Levels makes D&D-themed music, podcasts, game accessories, apparel, and adventures. For this spooky group offering we bring our MAD DUNGEON : Song of the Shriekfrapp to you. We created this adventure with legendary D&D artist Erol Otus on the Epic Levels Mad Dungeon Podcast. You can go listen in to see how we came up with this crazy adventure here. 

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If you feel inclined to become a patron you can look forward to regular new artwork from TIGER WIZARD, and tons of bonus additions to the content we create. Top tier patrons get physical items shipped to them every time we make something new!


NEXT TREAT :  Miser Hag, the Literal Wolf on Wall Street! From Deep Breadth RPG. F* Around with this link, and find out! 

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