I am in the beginning stages of a project I'd like to share. I won't officially announce the project until I'm closer to releasing it. I'm working on a comic book. I'm working on the first draft of the manuscript which will be sent to an editor in the coming weeks. My goal is to have the entire store finished by the end of the year . I will release it in weekly installments of at least on page a week starting in the new year (I'm shooting for march , but we'll see ). At some point I would like to make physical copies available for purchase. Right now I'm asking for support through the project. If you become a patron and help to financially support the project I will have specific rewards set up. I will release each weeks page an entire day early. As well as be posting behind the scenes. I may add other rewards but for now I'm just planning in early release. Also I'll be updating patrons on the project on a frequent basis. So if you're interested please support me. (Feel free to message me any reward incentive ideas you may have.)
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