Sometimes I forget wtf I'm doing and then the art studio reminds me. It was really hard to leave the house today, but I'm glad I did. [Image description: A black and white snapshot of three pieces standing up on the floor, viewed from a higher angle. Two collages are in front of a painting. One collage is of a man's body, presumably a handsome man in a clean fitted white dress shirt, with his forefinger resting thoughtfully on where his chin would be, except there is a large yellow and orange tulip on his shoulders instead. The other collage is the one with the corroded bottles and carrot flowers and the poem about the echoes in a train station from which the train has long since gone. Behind them a part of a large painting is exposed, revealing a reddish silhouette with a heart in the centre of its chest and long gold beams emerging from it. Beside the form is another silhouette like it but in blue and several circles expanding from its throat.] #artstudio #collageartist #analoguecollage #multimediaartist