#73 Brown Goddess
#73 Brown Goddess I built a statue of a fifteen foot tall lady from cement, and she stood in my front yard, a proud, tall woman. Her colored white hide attracted quite a bit of attention. Almost everyone who drove by stopped to admire her. One day I was building a dog to be her companion when I heard a woman’s voice. “For a lady who worships the sun every day, this is no color to be. A color like this is without life, and it doesn’t reflect the energy I gather from the sun.” I dropped my tools. I had been in the sun too long. Then I heard, “Make me a proper color please, like the brown child painted on Miller Valley School.” I stared hard. I didn’t see her lips move, but I knew it was her who spoke. I looked around to be sure no one watched. Then I answered, “Don’t you know, a color like that will stop the admiration you get from passersby? They like the color you are now.” “Paint me brown and make my lips a pretty pink, so they’ll see the softness within.” People in the area were protesting a picture of a Hispanic child painted on the school mural. I painted her with a brown cement stain as requested, made her eyes blue, and her lips a soft pink. “Now that your color has changed,” I told her, “everyone will think you’re no longer adorable. They’ll think you’ve become different now that you’re brown and they’ll call you names a goddess doesn’t deserve.” “Then give me a spear to show I don’t have to accept any racial slurs.” I gave her one with a stone tip and completed her dog by giving it teeth as sharp as nails so he could help her if the need arose. I built an extra-large snake for her to hold in her other hand and told her, “I’ll have you strangling the serpent of senseless bias that erroneously makes them dislike you because I’ve changed your color to brown.” I was surprised that people who drove by my house slowed and still admired her even though she was now brown instead of white. I wondered why and heard her answer in my head. “Don’t you know, color only matters if it’s on your skin?” The end For more stories, poems, & other stuff. http://joedibuduo.com/ http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=joe+DiBuduo PLEASE SUBSCRIBE FOR$1. A MONTH TO ENABLE ME TO CONTINUE WRITING A STORY A DAY. IF I CONTINUE FOR A YEAR, I WILL WRITE 365 STORIES. You'll receive them all for $1. A month.