Divinatory Drawing, November 25th, 2016
If I was to sum up the influence of today in two words, they would be "powerful attraction."

The Moon in socially-conscious Libra starts the day off right with harmonious sextiles first to Saturn and then to Mercury, grounding our emotional reality in seriousness and stability and a willingness to communicate forthrightly.  Then Venus, planet of love, pleasure, and wealth conjoins Pluto, god of the underworld  in Capricorn, intensifying her earthy sensuality and the power of her allure.  Mystery calls to us through her gaze, and more than a hint of darkness.

Physical beauty in the modern world is of course fraught with problems, thanks to hyper-sexualized media surrounding women in particular (though media-driven concepts of masculinity are also pretty damaging).  Eating disorders and cosmetic surgery are the more visible signs of the underworld influence on the feminine ideal, as well as the less visible internal struggles with personal image that fuel them.  And while a lot of us are beginning to reject the most egregious abuses of advertising upon our self-esteem, it's hard not to succumb to the magnetism of the beautiful, nor the equally powerful allure of even the most subtle promises to make us just like them.

Venus square Jupiter following Venus conjunct Pluto expands the reach of the Venusian siren's song.  Those in love relationships may feel love's transformative power particularly intensely today, for better or for worse.  Those who are single may feel their loneliness more deeply, or pursue their desires more determinedly.  Relationships begun under this influence may well have some staying power but could give you more than you bargained for, and could be hard to shake off once they've run their course.  

And with the Moon in Libra opposite Uranus in Aries ending the alignments for the day, that course may well run quickly, even if its after-effects are felt far into the future.