Better BuildBuy v2.7.1 - Lighting Color Wheel & EA Desktop Fix


v2.7.1 UPDATE:

Anyone who has reinstalled TS4 using the new EA Desktop app may have ran into a UAC error when trying to turn on BBB's Organized Debug. This is due to EA Desktop's file permissions defaulting to read-only.

v2.7.1 finally has an automatic fix for this, and BBB will fix the TS4 permissions on your behalf.

If you have User Account Control turned on (the windows "are you sure?" messages), you'll be asked to allow "icacls.exe" to run. This is normal and is BBB attempting to repair your TS4 permissions for you.

Click yes and BBB will be able to turn on Organized Debug without issue.


Originally designed for Create-A-World's Lighting Editor, the color wheel control for lighting is coming to Better BuildBuy.

It's still accessed via shift+clicking lights in build mode, but now the control includes complete control over the lighting color. For support with existing builds, the control still includes the EA preset swatches.

Yes, the lighting does share through the gallery.
No, the lighting does not make your build CC.

As always, if you experience any issues please come to to report them.

New to Better BuildBuy? This video will help you get started quickly.

Public release now available!

=======PREVIOUS UPDATES=======

Welcome to BBB v2.5!  

Two main changes - firstly,  I've added MOO and Ignore Unlocks to the BBB options.
They can be found under the Organized Debug checkbox.

Secondly, my discontinued BuildBuy Deletion Fix mod has been renewed as part of BBB's features. For those unaware, this was a cheat that stopped BuildBuy from deleting anything, allowing you to make changes like wallpaper or modifying architecture without losing your objects. This is now an option in BBB's filter panel. Unlike the other options, it does not persist between sessions. This is intentional, as you should only turn it on while necessary and turn it back off immediately after. Undo may not work for anything you do with it on.  You will also receive a pop-up when turning it on, reminding you of this. No, the pop-up is not negotiable, it's one extra click and is still much faster than typing the old cheat. Without it, our support team would be inundated with players asking why they can't delete objects.


  • Added new "permission denied" error message for the few users who kept getting the desync message over and over, making the actual issue more clear to the user.
  • The two warning files inside the tmex-betterbuildbuy folder now delete automatically after first successful run, to reduce chances of player confusion
  • Added a MoveObjects toggle to the BBB filter options. Do NOT use the cheat anymore. Setting will persist.
  • Added an Ignore Unlocks toggle to the BBB filter options. Do NOT use the cheat anymore. Setting will persist.
  • Added BuildBuy Deletion Protection to BBB filter options. Setting will NOT persist, by design.
  • Updated light editor logic to allow cloning of rooms using shift.



(This video will help you get started quickly.)

New Features:

  • Having Organized Debug on no longer causes your lot to be marked as CC. That means you no longer have to restart the game constantly.
  • A Light Editor has been added to build mode, with a dropdown for light selection. You can access it by shift+clicking any light.
  • Debug/LiveEdit Objects for packs you don't own will no longer appear in the catalog.
  • "Kit" pack filters have been split into their individual kits, so you can pick exactly which kit you want to see.
  • Added a "Desync" dialog message. There's a few occasions where Organized Debug can be left in a bad state, for example after deleting your resource.cfg. This new dialog will show when organized debug needs reset. If you get it, all you should need to do is restart your game once and then you can continue using it as you normally would.

Did you know you can use TOOL in build mode if you're using Better BuildBuy? Grab TOOL here! 

Better BuildBuy Quick-Start

  • You don't have to use Organized Debug for TOOL. Just don't check the filter.
  • Do NOT use debug or liveedit cheats. Use their respective filters instead.
  • Do NOT use MOO or Entitlement Cheats. Use their respective filters instead.
  • Do NOT install buildcam or expandable catalog separately. They're included in BBB.
  • Filters are different! Please don't ask where your CC went.

    Filters work as follows: Hide Maxis - Hides all regular objects that aren't debug, liveedit, or cc. Debug - Shows debug objects, replaces the need for the debug cheat. LiveEdit - Shows LiveEdit objects, replaces the need for the liveedit cheat. Custom Content - Shows Custom Content objects. Off by default, be sure to check this if you want your CC visible.  Filters stay set even when you close your game, so you'll only need to turn CC on once if desired.
  • Press 1 (number row) to toggle catalog size.
  • Press Tab to activate Freecam mode in build.
  • If you'd like to use Organized Debug, open the game and open your buildbuy filters. Scroll to Better BuildBuy and select Organized Debug. You'll receive a pop-up and will be told to restart. After doing so, Organized Debug is active.
  • If you're completely new to BBB, I recommend watching my original tutorial.

Install Instructions

1. Delete any existing copies you have for BBB.  
2. Open the "TwistedMexi's Better BuildBuy v2.6.3 Official"  zip and drag the "Tmex-BetterBuildBuy" folder  inside to your mods root. (No subfolders!)    
3. That's it! Don't restructure or move the files in any way NOTE: On Mac, .zip files may automatically be unzipped when downloaded. In that case, drag the newly downloaded folder to your mods.

Uninstall Instructions

Hate to see you go, but if you are, it's best if you do the following first:

1. Open your game with the mod installed.

2. Turn off Organized Debug in your filter panel.

3. Close your game.

4. You may now delete the mod.


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