Batch 12: Wilderfolk of the Dust Plains (Pioneer)
 In the arid, dry lands of the Dust Plains where death await even the most prepared adventurer, there live the hardy Wilderfolk who can survive the worst of droughts. When a Wilderfolk leave the Dust Plains to join travellers from other lands, there is certain to be an intriguing and astonishing story behind it.

Here are some paperminis of quasi-barbaric adventurers for your fantasy campaign, to be used as player characters and/or non-player characters!

Photo: Six Wilderfolk (L-R: the crone, the dust king, the urchin, the skullsmasher, the bladeswoman and the shadow scout - or whatever you want to call them, they're yours) pose for a photo. Behind them are three Rangers of Sword Valley.

The "" attached compressed file contains the free Pioneer-class "hishgraphics-wilderfolk-pioneer.pdf" file . Files with higher details and 6 pages of character art for Mariner- and Voyager-class patrons, respectively, to follow in coming days!