Summary for October 2022

Nov 1, 2022

This is a list of content I posted in October 2022.

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Patreon Posts For October 2022

This is a list of content I posted in September 2022

The PDF for all Patreon and blog content for September 2022 is attached to this post.

Another exercise write up for the 7charval application. using a spreadsheet to help.

I used Monkey Patching to amend a library rather than fork the code base.

Differences in Api abstractions and HTTP libraries.

I'm currently learning how a particular system in production works and hangs together. So I'm reverse engineering support logs.

I'm trying to overcome my aversion to Spring Boot.

I've been looking at Test Containers which are an interesting way of spinning up Docker containers during @test execution.

I had a quick look at Pact because it kept coming up in questions

Now it has the 'types' of input and you can see the different editors for each.

Most of my API automating has been 'external'

I released a starting version of my HTML Testing Reference.

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