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Here at Calligraphy Life we provide educational entertainment for readers and writers of all ages, by promoting literacy and creative expression through the fine art of Calligraphy. Calligraphy Life ( and Scribe By Night ( in 2013, to encourage artists and enthusiasts to continue practicing their typographical gift, while helping them find a loving family of readers.

After many years of service we expanded our publication in 2016 to allow our loyal followers to give back by sponsoring some of our Calligraphy contributors to create even more of the art we all love at Calligraphy Life on Patreon ( or (

My name is Charles, and I am the Manager for this patreon campaign. I am responsible for the editorial decisions so if you have any questions or comments please direct them to me.

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Calligraphy Life is a group campaign. If an artists' creative content appears on this campaign, it means that they have consented and have been sponsored or compensated for their content to appear here as a contributor. 

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