NEW FEATURE: Filter with Another User's List!
File this one under: "I've got a crazy idea that just might work..." 

Here's the idea: on the current site, instead of creating a bunch of new interface elements and such for browsing other people's lists when I'm working on rebuilding everything anyway, maybe you could just use someone else's list as a filter. After a bit of thought and monkeying around, it's up and  working right now... on the current site!

Here's the gist of it: in the search field, type in `user|=xxxxxx` to filter the list to only the ones owned by that user. Inversely, type in `user|!xxxxxx` to filter the list to only the songs not owned by that user. Dead simple!

What's better is that the search can be combined with any other search or filter, so you can combine it with your own "owned" filter to see just where things overlap (or don't overlap depending on how you use it). Use it with other searches, too, to search their music library, e.g., `user|=xxxxxx artist|="Aerosmith"` will show you all the Aerosmith songs they own. Use that same search and turn on your "owned" filter to see all the Aerosmith songs you both own. Search with `user|!xxxxxx`, set your owned filter to "not owned" to see which songs neither of you own.

But wait! There's more! 

You can even use the filter multiple times to compare multiple users! Trying to improve your Rivals crew song coverage? Here's a couple of great use cases:


1. Set your owned filter to "not owned" -- you're now seeing all the songs you don't own.

2. Enter each of your crew's user codes as follows:

`user|!crew01 user|!crew02 user|!crew03`

You're now seeing all the songs that none of your crew owns. Optionally, turn on your wanted filter to pick something you'd like to buy to increase your crew's song coverage.


After step 2 above, enter the prospective crew member's code as follows:

`user|!crew01 user|!crew02 user|!crew03 user|=newguy`

You're now seeing all the songs that your prospect has that none of your other crew members do.


So, since online multiplay got pushed back to January, this one might not do anyone any good right away, but...

1. Set your owned filter to "owned" -- you're now seeing all the songs you own.

2. Enter each of your crew's user codes as follows:

`user|=crew01 user|=crew02 user|=crew03`

You're now seeing only the songs that every crew member owns.

Now for the catch... 

I wrote this as a fast little addition to the version of the site that's going away, so there are a couple of things to note:

  • Of course, you'll still have to log in with their share code if you want to see their wants... but if all you care about is their "owns" (which is what most people are going to care about), then you don't have to log out of your account to do it, and more importantly you can actually compare their list against yours.
  • When you first search for the code, it does have to call the server to fetch the other user's list so you will probably see a bit of a lag once you've typed in the code as that whole round trip happens. Just be patient.
  • Once a list from a user has been retrieved, it's cached in the page and no further calls will be made for that data... that means going back to that user code filter will be much faster on subsequent tries, but it also means that if they changed their list after your initial check those changes won't be there. If necessary, refreshing the page will clear out that data and force a redownload.