November Progress!
Happy Holidays! I hope you're having a wonderful time getting ready for whatever holiday you celebrate!

I'm a bit late posting this progress report for November -- I apparently lost track of it and didn't realize I hadn't posted the report last week, so I'm posting it now. :)

My birthday was on the 5th of November and I had a pretty good time. My oldest daughter, Alex, came by the house to celebrate with us and my wife, Tiffany, worked pretty hard to make it a nice day for me. Finances have been pretty tight, so I really didn't ask for anything for my birthday... okay that's not entirely true... when people asked, I said I wanted them to share my comedy and help me make this career change. Aside from helping my mom move away from Murderville, Texas, It's the only thing I've wanted this entire year. And when asked what I'd like for Christmas, I've consistently said, the only thing I want is for people to share my comics, wherever and however they can, whether that's on Twitter or Facebook or elsewhere, and to let people know they can help me keep the laughs coming by supporting us here on Patreon. 

I admit, (as I said earlier), the onset of my birthday reminded me how helping my mom this year near completely derailed my goal of earning my living bringing you these laughs, and it was the first time in many years that I experienced genuine depression. I decided I wouldn't let it stop me. I've seen so many other creators over the years, artists I like and admire, like Scott Maynard of Happle Tea, who've allowed depression to completely cripple them to the point that they just stop and don't create anything anymore. I'm not going to be that guy. I know I have a lot of people pulling for me and I'm not going to let you down. 

And I know I have a lot to be grateful for, like still having the disability that gives me the leverage to work on this career change, and that we own our house and the equity in our house has been repairing our credit every month for the last three years we've been here, making it possible for us to get a line of credit at the mechanic, and again to fix the gutters, and again to replace all our windows (every SINGLE one was broken when we bought the house), and again to replace our Dodge Caravan when the transmission failed suddenly and without warning a couple months ago. Yes, the addition of a car payment is hard, but we'll pull through this together. 

And wen I decided to cover the election to help lift people's spirits this past month, I more than succeeded, I even I even made a new friend, Noah Johnson! And you guys who support me on Patreon and who've stuck with me through this Satan's-asshole of a year have really been a rock for me. Yes, I only achieved 4% of my goal for the year, but I'm grateful for it. It's another $87.90 each month that goes back into my work, helping me pay for a little more than half of my advertising. That's a real boost that you guys believe in me that much, so thank you! 

So where did I spend my 40 hours per week in November? And how are we on our goals? 

Income: $87.90 (gross) $61.00 (deposit after Patreon deductions) 

Expenses: $165.00 

  Advertising: $0.00 

  Social Networking: $150.00 (hired) 

  Shopping Cart: $15.00

Net: -$104.00

Comic Pages: 8 (3 updates) - I published the three-page Love Trumps Hate comic on the 14th, another three-page Batman comic on the 24th and the two-page strip, Heckle Hitler on the 29th. And while it didn't happen in November, I'm also pretty happy with the response to my Love Trumps Hate follow-up about Fake News and the Pizzagate scandal -- people seemed to really like that one as well. :D

Bonus Content: 2 - The three-page Batman comic on the 24th included a bonus panel, and there was an NSFW patron bonus on the 30th. 

Commissions: 0 - Raquel Davis won the last raffle drawing -- I'm still waiting to hear back from several people and I can only work on them when people get back to me. I'm here, let me know! 

Research: None this month

Ad Campaigns: None. This is an area that had been taking up a lot of my time and keeping me away from making more comics, but this month I moved my entire ad budget away from managing my own ads to hire Beau Brooks to help me with social networking. So far that seems to be working real well. I ended the first month with a LOT more facebook likes and over a thousand followers on a brand-new Instagram account. If I decide to change nothing and continue to invest $150/mo, by the end of 2017 I should have over 14,000 Instagram followers... Facebook is a bigger question. I've read that Facebook is the only social network capable of driving sales, which could be super-important if I want to get more people on the Patreon or to purchase our ebooks... but so far, my Facebook growth has gone from about 5 per month to about 30-40 per month, which is nowhere NEAR as fast as the growth on Instagram. So I'm not entirely sure what I'm going to do there. 

Other Promotion: None this month. (Normally this would include contacting bloggers and podcasters about reviews, guest appearances, interviews, etc.) 

Thank you guys so much for sticking with me! 2016 has been the hardest year ever, but I'm going to keep going, making these laughs for you guys and make 2017 a better year! :D 

Help me out, share these laughs! Trust me, your friends need this! 


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