75 Years Later, Nazism Won in Europe? Czechia Demolishes Monument to Russian Marshal Konev, Liberator of Auschwitz & Prague! (LADA RAY REPORT)

Sick! Prague/Czechia, this self-professed 'cultural capital of Europe,' is going berserk in the midst of coronavirus. It's in tough times like this when the real character and moral fiber of a nation is shown and tested. Prague/Czechia is one of those places that has managed more than once to show its true ugly colors and its lack of any of the above. While some, like Russia, have been helping people and sending humanitarian aid to affected counties, Czechs have been busy stealing from others and destroying memory. 

Russia not only sent dozens of planeloads of humanitarian aid to Italy, Serbia, etc., but also a planeload of lung ventilators and other necessary medical equipment to the US, specifically to New York, one of the worst hit. 

Meantime, Czechia chose this time to desecrate and demolish the famous monument to the Liberator and Savior of Prague, Russian Marshal Konev. The timing was chosen deliberately, just before the momentous 75-year anniversary of Victory in WWII/The Great Patriotic War. 

This was until recently the monument to Marshal Konev in Prague, liberator of Prague and Auschwitz. It was built by locals who knew the real truth because they witnessed the heroic liberation of Prague by the Soviet troops. The troops had to do a major detour in order to help the 'Prague insurrection'. It was past Nazi Germany's capitulation and past May 9th, the official Victory Day. Konev's move saved hundreds of thousands of lives of local civilians and it also saved this one-of-a-kind Gothic city from a deliberate demolition, which was ordered by German Nazis. Instead of honoring someone who saved so many lives, and Prague itself, the Czech authorities decided quietly, while no one was there due to quarantine, to erase any memory of that historic event. 

Yesterday the Konev monument was demolished, a cynical and mocking reason given by the Prague authorities: "He isn't wearing a mask and therefore has to go." That's 'civilized' prague. That's czechia, a proud member of NATO and EU. 

After this, is it any wonder that two world wars, which wiped out over 150 million people worldwide, both started in Europe? Is it any wonder that it was Europe and Europeans who colonized and enslaved whole continents? The West equals unbridled lies and aggression. 

In prior years, the monument was more than once disfigured, vandalized and splashed with red paint symbolizing blood, by locals who claimed Russians were occupiers, not liberators. 

I should have told my grandfather, who lost not only lots of blood, but his life, saving ingrates like these during WWII, not to try too hard! I should have told the best friend of my family, who lost both legs during WWII, while liberating those disgusting low-life creeps, to stop at the Soviet border and let the rest of them rot and go to hell. 

Sorry, but this hits too close to home. If you think this is out of character, ask any Russian, or any normal Ukrainian, or any other normal person on post-Soviet space. Or millions of us who live all over the world. They'll tell you the same, and believe me, in much stronger words. Or ask Putin, and see what he has to say. The actions of Prague insulted over 350 million people worldwide, who do remember their roots and history. And it insulted the memory of millions of WWII heroes and victims, no matter what country they are from. 

Yeah, yeah, I've heard it all. There are so many who think they are so smart and they've got all the answers because they read it somewhere. 'But Russians had no choice than to go all the way to Berlin to eliminate the threat once and for all.' Oh yes, they had plenty of choice. They could close down borders, like countries are doing now for much less of a reason. They could bide their time, they could refuse to start major military ops, which cost many lives, to save American troops who begged them to, or to help some insurrection in Prague or Warsaw. They didn't have to, but they did. And we are seeing very clearly where this has led. 

You know me: I have a wise higher-dimensional explanation for all this. And no matter what happens, I am at peace internally. But this doesn't change how I and millions of other Russian-speakers see this disgusting act, and what we think about the people who throw memory and common decency under the bus for political gain and to promote hatred and discord.

This is now: the fallen Marshal Liberator. Congrats! They've won a war against the monument of someone who has been dead for over 50 years, someone who once saved them but now cannot defend his memory. And they won a war against hundreds of thousands of Russian/Soviet servicemen and officers who sacrificed themselves so that these worms could convert oxygen into CO2. 

Well, those who spit on their history, are doomed to repeat it 100-fold. Humans always have a choice. This is Czechia/Prague's choice. Shows their level of consciousness very clearly. 

Russia has asked that the monument be returned to Russia. I don't know what the answer to that is, but so far it seems there is silence - seems Czechia is denying this request? Let's see what happens next. Pres. Zeman's office issued a statement that they disagree with what happened. Really?.. Just like that?.. Where were you when it was happening?

What can I say: treating Russia like this, and just before the 75th anniversary of Victory... The only way they are so audacious is because they think US is on their side. But this may not be so and they may be up for a rude awakening. They don't know yet what kind of mess they got themselves into, but they will find out. 

Whose side will Trump be on? Here's what Trump said recently, after the aid plane with Russian lung ventilator systems and med equipment arrived to the US: Russians lost 50 million (27 actually) in WWII and we (US) were allies with them, not with Germany. Why are we now being friends with Germany when they were our enemy in WWII, and when they only pay 1% into NATO, instead of 2%? We should be friends with Russia, they were our allies. Funny how he manages to get his agenda in re. NATO and Germany's contribution, conveniently forgetting that NATO is a military threat against Russia. But I like the overall implications of his statement. Not to mention that Czechia adored Obama, Trump's sworn enemy. So, when it comes to Czechia, Trump's benevolence won't go far, and forget any Trans-Atlantic solidarity.  

Per new Russian law, criminalizing the destruction of monuments, rewriting history and desecration of Soviet WWII burials, Russian prosecutor general started criminal proceedings against the officials who authorized this. The law was affected after mass demolition and desecration of Soviet graves and monuments in Poland. Czechia denied extradition request of the officials in question, but this did make them squirm. Eventually, there will be hell to pay, and they won't see it coming.

This was yesterday: they are removing the sign that used to read: Marshal Konev, LIBERATOR of prague. When demolishing the Konev monument, authorities made a mocking comment to the press, epic in its shamelessness that 'Konev wasn't wearing a mask, and rules are the same for everyone in the midst of epidemic.' 

These workers are wearing masks, unlike the Marshal who once saved them and without whom these shameless people wouldn't have been born.


In one of my previous free public posts, Coronavirus Angels & Demons - GLOBAL MEGA-REPORT! (news from over 20 countries & Lada Ray commentary/predictions!), I wrote how Czechia stole a planeload of masks being sent to Italy, where the outbreak of COVID was the greatest. If they can steal masks and medical equipment from people who are dying, well, why wouldn't they demolish a monument to the commander of the Soviet troops who in 1945 freed up Prague from Nazis, saving this beautiful city from ultimate and complete destruction. He also was the one commanding the troops who liberated the deadliest of the German Nazi concentration camps, the Polish Auschwitz. Poland is another country who has been demolishing monuments to its liberators and desecrating burial sites of  hundreds of thousands Russians and Soviets, who died liberating it. 

You might say, this Ukro-Nazi version of Ukraine is guilty of the same. There is one major difference: many Ukrainians were among those who liberated Auschwitz, Poland and Prague. What is done in Ukraine is awful, but they are in fact hurting themselves and their own ancestors. Poles and Czechs want to hurt Russians, including Ukrainians; and during WWII they didn't liberate or help anyone, moreover, in some cases, they were on the side of the Nazis, either overtly or covertly. 

What kind of a person was Marshal Konev? Did he deserve to be maligned and his memory desecrated by shameless Czech or Polish goons, who have no memory, no consciousness and no brain? 

I'll tell you one episode and you be the judge. Ivan Konev, originally from a very simple Russian family, rose to prominence during WWII, eventually becoming a Marshal and one of the most celebrated Soviet commanders. He was on the frontlines throughout the entire war. When his troops liberated city after Russian city between 1943 and 1944, he saw with his very eyes what kind of senseless destruction and cruel devastation Germans caused to Russia and its people. He saw and knew of mass graves, he knew of millions killed and starved to death. He knew of thousands of burned down Russian villages, towns and cities. 

When Russian troops he commanded liberated the horrific death camp called Auschwitz, located in Poland, they had no idea what they would find there. The Russian soldiers saw the mass graves, furnaces where people were burned alive, mountains of clothes, suitcases and personal items stripped off the people and collected as bounty, to be later sent to Germany. And they saw starved to almost death, emaciated people, who miraculously survived. The seasoned soldiers, who had seen everything, were crying and vomiting. 

I have to say I was in Auschwitz many years later. The energy of that terrible tragedy, beyond any description or comprehension, still lingered strongly around the area. It remained beyond shocking even 50 yeas after the war, and it remains as strong 75 years after. I can imagine what those Russian soldiers experienced in 1944. 

When Konev's officers reported to him what they had found, he said that he won't go to look at that because his heart would be hardened and rage could take over the cold reason the Marshal commanding half a million soldiers needs. He was afraid that what he could see would affect his judgement and he would lose compassion towards German population. He wanted to be fair, as the armies of the front he commanded were preparing to enter Germany. Russian officers and servicemen were instructed to do the same: treat the civilians of Germany with compassion, as victims of the criminal Nazi government.

Stalin (that damn tyrant!) chimed in: Hitlers come and go, but German people remain.

Think about it! This is how Russians are: a top military commander who had seen all the devastating horrors of German aggression, even those we, regular citizens, would've never been told about, was afraid to lose his humanity and compassion towards Germans, the culprits!

It is a well-known fact that Russian/Soviet troops were extremely compassionate towards simple Germans when they entered Germany. There was starvation, and so they fed German civilians. 

I know there are silly stories floating around that Russians raped and impregnated 1 million German women. Not true, why are those who spread this idiocy so modest? Don't be shy! They impregnated 1 billion of them! 

An obvious lie, of course. NKVD was extremely strict in that it prohibited this kind of behavior, and such soldiers could be executed. My opinion: they were way, way too strict, considering everything. Therefore, those Germans who perpetuate this kind of a lie, are just trying to camouflage the heinous crimes of their ancestors. This is done by reversing polarities and portraying the victim, Russia/USSR, as perpetrator, and aggressor as the victim.

I'd say, there were some legitimate love relationships between Russian soldiers and German women. It would be natural, since German men betrayed their women by ruining their country, while Russian soldiers actually fed and helped them. 

It's not hard to find out what really happened back then in Prague. Even Wikipedia, with its usually distorted truth, will still give you some facts. Historic Prague, this pride of Czechia, wouldn't have existed and hundreds of thousands of Czechs would've died, if Marshal Konev's troops didn't arrive on time, following a heroic and difficult march, to the aid of the Prague insurrection against the last of the Nazi troops that refused to surrender. Konev's troops went to liberate Prague  when the rest of the world was already celebrating the Great Victory in WWII, after Nazi Germany signed capitulation, and after they should have been already safely heading back home. Untold thousands of Russian/Soviet soldiers died. Their families, mothers, wives, children and grandchildren never saw their loved ones again. The liberation of Prague and Czechia cost Russian people many lives and grieving families. Prague was out of the way, as the direct route was through Poland to Germany, but they still did it when they received a distress call from the Prague resistance. The additional toll on Russian and Soviet lives was enormous, but they saved the city and its civilians. The monument to Marshal Konev represented all of those Russian & Soviet people who died liberating Prague. 

Apparently the man responsible for the demolition of the monument was the head of Prague-6, with an unpronounceable name of Ondrzhei something (spelling unknown, and frankly, unimportant), who's 36 and a well-known Russophobe. His father is a prominent Russophobe too, who's ex-ambassador to the US and Russia. Both are members of some obscure organization, which exists to 'resist Russian aggression and to further Trans-Atlantism.' In short, typical representatives of the semi-Euro-Nazi, pro-US, NWO neoliberalism. It's in Poland and Czechia where these die-hard remnants of the dying NWO are hiding, just like in 1945 the last Nazis were hoping to hide out in Prague. 

These obscure dark forces are waiting for their moment to strike, and if you think they are nobodies, thing again. Once, everyone was underestimating and making fun of the short man with funny mustache, called Hitler. Until 1939 came... Ten years ago no one was taking Ukro-Nazis seriously in Ukraine, their marches with torches and Hitler's salutes were laughed at and dismissed. Until 2014 came... 

If you think I am kidding, I am very serious. Those who live in the EU and US, should really pay attention to these words, and here's why. 

I was told: there are good and sane people in Czechia. President Zeman himself is pro-Russian (yes, he is). Yet his country is displaying more Russophobia than most. So, what's his presidency worth?

I was told: some ordinary people and even the members of the parliament protested the demolition of the Konev monument. Yet, they did not prevent it. Where is the power of the people? Why are they so easy to manipulate, why do they succumb so easily?

Who elected this head of Prague-6, if not the people? Does the president of the country and members of parliament have no power to prevent such heinous act? What kind of country is this? I know, the EU elections are always rigged; they are a mockery. In the rest of the world people laugh at 'Western democracy.' But in countries like Czechia, Poland and the rest of EU they are proud of their democracy, aren't they? They feel they elect these officials, their president and MPs fair and square. So, where was the voice of the people? Or are Zeman and others hiding behind the actions of one maniacal psychopath, who somehow was elected to be the head of a Prague's region? And not just any region, a historic central region of the country's capital, which was once saved from destruction by Soviet Marshal Konev and his troops. 

Some may say: so what if Czechia and Poland are populated with ungrateful and hateful SOBs? So what if they are demolishing monuments their ancestors built to thank their liberators? Russians should be worried about that. What does it concern us, in Europe, US or elsewhere? 

Not so fast! Czechia and Poland are members of the EU and NATO. Those who betrayed before, will betray again. It's you they will betray next, my dear friends in the US, Germany and the rest of the EU. If they can point blank steal masks from the sick people in Italy, what will they do when a really big crisis strikes? 

If you are my follower, you know I predict things, and my predictions tend to come true. And here's one. 

They say, "Those who forget their history are doomed to repeat it." Oh yes, they WILL repeat it, and then some. The bad times are coming to Poland and Czechia, and KARMA promises to be a real bitch. But they will happily betray to stay afloat; they'll happily make black seem white, and vice versa. Best of luck with them, NATO and EU! You'll have a lot of fun, I promise. And Germany will be paying through the nose, and when it's not Germany, it'll be US, France, Denmark, Norway, Belgium, Austria, UK and others - all the 'rich' ones. 

Or, as the EU and US have proven many times before, what 'European and Transatlantic solidarity'? This thing only exists in fat times and when they all want to gang up against Russia. But the lean times are here, dear friends. One way or another, Czechia and Poland will soon find out just how lean. 


P.S. Also check out this:

 Stanislav: As for the 75th Anniversary, the events are afoot already. The war on the Soviet monuments by the revisionists continues, the latest victim being the memorial to Ivan Konev in Prague, the Marshal, who saved Prague from total destruction. I wrote a translation with a short introduction highlighting this latest shameful act: https://stanislavs.org/pragues-shame-petty-minded-prague-6-mayor-ondrzej-kolarz-erases-the-memory-of-pragues-saviour-marshal-ivan-konev/ (I am dreading some comments that an article like this would draw. I've seen a fair share of trolls and semi-trolls. The most difficult kind to deal with, are the comments holding some grain of truth, embroidered in a net of lies and perversions.)  

**ADDED 4/22/20


Russia the Great Balancer, in any guise, has always acted to save, rebalance and end wars. Only to see in the past its true role maligned and distorted, to the point of outright lies and fact denial. But the tide is changing! 

Don't miss this new translation by Stanislav (see link below): the actual facts of the Prague uprising, and how it would've been squashed without Marshal Konev and Soviet Army's interference. 

Stanislav: I have published another 2-in-1 translation on my site, continuing the history of Ivan Konev or, rather, the near-disastrous Prague uprising: https://stanislavs.org/the-salvation-of-prague-in-may-1945-by-the-soviet-troops/

Lada Ray: Wonderful! Adding it to this post and advising patrons! I remember from history it would've been completely suppressed, with untold casualties, if they weren't saved on time by the Soviet Army. Not to mention absolutely and totally above and beyond the call of duty. GREAT JOB DIGGING IN, STANISLAV! The world needs to know! 


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