Meet the Characters: Jill Scott
Agency: NASA.
Occupation: A NASA astronaut who studies new life forms and facilitates the release and recovery of probes from Venus' atmosphere.
Nationality: American.
Marital Status: Married.
Age: 30, born April 27, 2082 in Fayetteville, North Carolina.
Other Occupation: Medical doctor, biochemist.


Feature: concealed.
Personal item: Black cross necklace.
Temper (first impression): Calm, selfless, kind, she always champions a worthy cause. Inner temper: concealed.
Myers Briggs: ISFJ – The stalwart defender.
Introduction gameplay puzzle: concealed. 


  • Jill sleeps with Matt and the rest of the crew pretends they don't  know about it. Likewise, Jill and Matt pretend that the crew doesn’t  know. This back and forth often results in games, intrigues, and other  diversions that spice up the crew’s somewhat boring lives.
  • Jill married Peter Stone two months before the Daedalus-22 Mission.
  • Jill usually works on hydroponics and other biological ECLSS modules.


Jill is the daughter of Mel and Claire Scott and born in Fayetteville, North Carolina, but raised in New York City.

Graduated from Bayside High School in Queens, class of 2099. She  received a Bachelor of Science in biology from the University at Buffalo  in 2103. She completed her doctorate in medicine at Cornell University  in 2107, the same year alien Artifacts appeared.

After graduating from medical school, Jill trained in internal  medicine at the University of Texas Health Science Center in San  Antonio, Texas. In 2108, following her parents, Jill joined NASA as a  medical officer at the Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center. That same year,  she completed the Air Force Aerospace Medicine Course at Brooks Air  Force Base in San Antonio, Texas. Prior to her astronaut candidacy, she  served as a physician in the Flight Medicine Clinic at the Johnson Space  Center.

In 2110, after three years of training, she received her certification from the American Board of Internal Medicine.

Selected by NASA in May 2110, Jill became an astronaut in June 2111  as a mission specialist (biological science) aboard the Daedalus-22  mission.

Jill married Peter Stone in April 2111, a couple months before the mission launch.

Jill’s parents still live in New York City, her husband in Huston, at the time of the mission launch.


Jill wears a catholic cross from Rhenium that is a kind of family  relic first belonging to her grandfather and passed down to her mother.  Her mother is deeply religious and treated the appearance of alien  artifacts as a sign of the end of the days. Her father is a scientific  atheist who regarded the appearance of the artifacts as a possible  solution of the Fermi paradox. Living in a dualistic but united family  household, Jill has adopted traits from both parents into her character.  These traits manifest through various aspects of her behavior and  interests that she dedicates herself to.

Jill’s personality also affects her opinions about the origins of the  alien artifacts and their purpose. Caught between her catholic faith  and her scientific principals, Jill lacks the reliable data necessary to  end her internal conflict with a definitive conclusion. She often  pursues unlikely and unorthodox experiments that her peers think  irrational.

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