Ayame Ritale: Ayame was born into a military family. Her father was an Army communications officer who was frequently deployed and didn't get much time with his daughter. Even when they had time together he was a very subdued man; while he definitely cared for his daughter he had trouble expressing his love, usually choosing to teach her functional life skills rather than emotionally connecting. Ayame's mother was a very different soul, lively and vibrant she loved laughter and shared in it often with young Ayame. Unfortunately she suffered from a degenerative bone disease which often kept her hospitalized and bed-ridden; Ayame's mother succumbed to her terminal ailment when Ayame was 15. These experiences left Ayame with a unique makeup: While she had a very brusque, no-nonsense side she also bore a wry humor and wit: a final gift from her mother. Her dealings with her mother's affliction ALSO lead to her interests in medicine and advanced bio-enhancement studies which she followed through a military scholarship into the original "Suggestion" program. As global political climates shifted she left the Army and followed her mentor, Vaughn King's Suggestion program when it went private. Both of them now work for the PMC (Private Military Contractor) CETA (Corporation for Ending Terrorist Activity) a struggling company at the end of it's financial rope; relying on the new advancements in the Suggestion technology as their final hope for stability and salvation.
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