Vadim Rykov - Little is known about the mysterious and violent Vadim. He is said to be a highly trained Spetznaz operative though whether with the GRU or some other group is unknown. With Russian special forces commonly considered to be some of the most brutal in the world, with the harshest training and regimen, Vadim's ejection from service for supposedly killing his own squad and commanding officer is rather chilling. How he ties in with the story will be revealed in Book 1! Kyoshi Yoshida - Daughter of powerful business magnate, Sadao Yoshida, she is considered 2nd in command of Paragon, leaders in the field of private military contracting. Spoiled as a child, far removed from any sort of normal life, she saw very little of her parents due to their commitments to their work. Her father presided over a very fundamentalist Japanese upbringing, one which Kyoshi often found stifling and bred resentment in her from a young age.
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