I decided to switch things up a bit here and shift a bunch of the first page stuff into a FAQ page.  I'll periodically update this post with new information as seems appropriate.


Where am I?  What's Patreon?  WHAT'S GOING ON?!!

Hey there!  Patreon is a site where folks can give money support artists they like.  It's pretty neat, and by joining you help make sure I can continue to make new comics and such - more details on that below.  

But there are also other ways to get my stuff that is already out there.

I don't have to sign up to read your stuff?  Then how do I get to the comics and things?

Most of what I've already created is available via the links at the top of the main page.  Click on those to buy existing comics, read stories, etc.

Joining the Patreon supports my continued making of new stuff, and gives access to some things I do just post here (at least initially). 

Why can't I see most of the things on your Patreon?

Because my stuff is very much for adults only, and probably not even for most adults at that.  Almost everything is "Patron-visible" only - you will only be able to see it if you are a Patron.

Cool!  Wait - who are you again?

I am wandrer, and I have been kicking around the internets for many a moon now, mostly as a writer of very strange stories. More recently I have started doing some illustrated 3D stories and comics.

If you don't know my stuff, I strongly recommend you check out my other work (either via my asstr site,  my tumblr or Renderotica which is the tamest, believe it or not) and see if it is for you.  The art, comics, and stories I post will be weird and probably not for most people.  YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. 

Again, a warning that everything is very much for adults only.  Please be careful if you aren't sure you-


           Sorry sorry sorry!  I tried to warn you!  Go here instead!

Huh.  Not sure what was up with that person.  I  think your stuff looks fun!  But why a Patreon?

Thanks, and that's good question! 

This Patreon exists to fund production of comics and artwork from artists, based on my ideas and writing.

I love seeing my stories and ideas illustrated.  I mostly write for fun, but for most of the artists I work with this is their livelihood.  Raising money through Patreon will allow me to continue to commission and share comics and art from those artists. 

(Also, instead of the fluffy bunnies link above, you might enjoy this comic.  You'll figure out why they're related...)

Wow, look at all the stuff you sell and all the Patrons!  You must be making a mint!


Every comic/illustrated story I have posted to date runs at a net loss (and likely will forever).  I'm really not doing this to make a profit (which is good, because see hahaha etc.),  

The Patreon and other stores are entirely here to fund commissioning artists to make new stuff.  Over time, I'm hoping all of this will eventually maybe break even, but that is unlikely.   (I once ran the numbers, and then I cried and swore I would never look at those numbers again.)

Which is all fine - this whole thing is sort of a labor of love.  Or...well, some related emotion, anyway.

So thank you again for helping to keep it going a little longer!

You are welcome!  I love your stuff and want to see more!  Is there some other way I can help!?

Wow - that is so nice!  I ❤️ you too...  

Obviously backing the Patreon and/or buying things is a HUGE help.  Beyond that - anything you can do to help share my stuff so others know about it is incredibly helpful.  Marketing is hard, particularly for this stuff, and I don't have a lot of time for it since it is very much a sideline.

Sharing the Patreon and re-blogging things on tumblr (like the catalog), or other sites where someone might enjoy my stuff - that really helps a lot.  The less marketing I have to do, the more I can use that time for making new stuff.

What can we expect from your Patreon?

Over the years I have commissioned a lot of artwork - some pictures, some full comics - from my weird ideas.  Some of these have appeared on the internet (usually with me as a secret patron behind the scenes), but many more have never seen the light of day.  To kick start the Patreon I'm planning to share a number of those works, both as full comics and some individual pictures. 

HOWEVER - again, the real reason to do this is to generate new stuff.  In particular, I am also starting some new comic series with the wonderful artist Umbrafox, with whom I have worked for many years now, which will get posted here.  If that works we will do more!

In addition, my continued collaboration with the awesome Sturkwork on 3D comics will likely be available to some tiers (though I intend to also sell through Renderotica as well as they have been excellent to me).  

Will you post new stories, too?

Yes!  But I'm very slow at writing these days.  Sorry about that.   Still, I have some new stories that are at first only on the Patreon in the library here.  Eventually these will make their way elsewhere (probably).

Why do you write so slooooooowwwwwwwwwlllyyyyyyyyy?!

I know...sorry. :(  My writing time is pretty limited these days (curse you, real life!), which is why I've tried to make this more about funding artists and their work than anything else.  But I will write new stories over time here!

Hey - something was here and then it went away!

Yep - eventually I'll roll out older posts entirely, to put them up for sale as bundles in the comic store, to make them more accessible.  I'm pretty lazy so this hasn't happened yet, but it will soon.  Anything older than a year is probably fair game there.

If you are a 1D+ patron at the time they get rolled off, you'll get a coupon to pull down the bundles though, just like the folks 

Cool!  Anything else?

Yes! I do continue to write, albeit slowly, and I am planning to post some new stories (illustrated and otherwise) just to my Patreon.  And at some reward levels you may be able to be involved in setting direction/characters for stories, as well as vote for what I work on (e.g., for me to finish series that I have lazily let languish for years - all of you Cumanji fans, rejoice!).

Awesome!  Sign me up!

No you're awesome!  Just click the rewards over to the side and join in!

Thanks for visiting! 

By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 341 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 341 exclusive posts