Convert DVDs to Video Files
Well, we've shown how to get Plex up and running, and it's pretty platform agnostic as far as actually watching the content from your Plex server. But what we've never done is show our Windows-using viewers how to actually get that content. So this week, Kelsey and I look at taking our DVD collection and converting it to high-quality video files to be loaded onto Plex... or just played directly if you prefer. But basically, we learn to make copies of our legitimately-owned discs so we can play them on next-gen devices. No illegal downloads, and no breaking the law.

Due to a crazy ice storm I lost a lot of time unexpectedly, so our new Studio D main set didn't get revamped this week. I'm hoping I can find new "spare time" to pull this off within the next week or seven.

Sasha's here, along with Kelsey who is off school for a couple weeks, and we hope you enjoy the show!

Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year - from all of us at Category5 TV!