2016 Recap, Best of and Best Stories - The TouchArcade Show #288
Ahhhhhhhh I'm running late, trying to go see Rhonda Rousey fight by arriving super early because that's apparently what you have to do if you want to watch UFC. Anyway, I'm posting this while the video is still processing, but it should be live and viewable by 5:00 PM Central time. (I need the link to this post to put it in the podcast post which will be published later.) The magic of TouchArcade behind the scenes, I tell ya'.

Anyway, with our last post of the year I really just wanted to thank our Patreon backers one more time. We do it a ton, but going through all the most trafficked articles it was just really nice to not really need to worry about making sure everything we post sees tons of hits, since Patreon provides such a nice padding for us for every story to not need to make a "profit" when it comes to traffic generation, I guess. So, if you love our long-form stuff, that's wholly because of ya'll.

Have a safe and happy new year everone!