Super OSW 64 Level 11 Now Available!
Hey brahs & bras!

The newest show is up on the feed! 

It's encoded in 320kbps (instead of 128 usually) so lemme know if you can tell the increase in fidelity!

If you're wondering what's the difference between this and the live version, it has a little more production value:

1. Live Radio version (in .wav) (note I turned it down about 1/4 way through the show)

2. Isolate speech (added a few seconds of silence for songs) ~20mins

3. Levelate speech (nice even volume)

4. Meticulous editing out of clicks/lulls/pops (takes a few hours - resulting in a removal of a minute of audio)

5. Finished speech ~19mins

6. Music Only ~1hr37mins

7. Even out loudness of music

8. Put music under the intro & outro (Cinematic Theme/Neo Geo Inst.)

9. Finished .wav! ~1hr54 mins

10. Converting to .mp3 and send to Luke to put on the feed

Editing Changes:  Removal of silence + tightening of bumpers when they loop. Added in-game clip of Friday the 13th audio (Pamela Voorhees telling Jason to kill 'em all!). Putting "Underwater Theme" before "Sad Song" in the Super Mario medley (I think it flows better that way) and the F-Zero Super Smash Bros win chime at the end.

Setlist Changes: I usually budget 2 minutes for ads per half hour, but over the Xmas they were very short, so I was able to add in the Deus Ex End Credits and Halo 2's "Peril".  I always have an overflow of music so these tracks would've been in a future show! On the live show, I rushed into the editing room while longer songs/medleys were playing and ripped them from YouTube, replacing them with a better version on the podcast.  Anywoo hope that's mildly interesting! 

Level 11!